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Our liquid natural dyes are easy to use colors made from plants and dye insects. They combine easily and produce beautiful shades and may be thickened and used for printing, painting and other surface design applications on wool fabrics.

The legendary Saxon Blue is now available to natural dyers. First created in Germany the 1740s, it is made from natural indigo converted with a strong acid to mimic an acid-type dye. It is an easy and marvelous colour for wool fibres – greener than traditional vatted indigo and a great base for teal, aqua, cornflower, periwinkle, lilac and medium value purple. To use simply measure out the amount of liquid indigo and add to the dye pot. Add mordanted fibers and heat gently. Enjoy the beautiful blue!

  • 50 grams of Saxon Blue will dye about 500g to a very rich blue shade.
  • Saxon blue dyes wool best. If using Saxon blue with silk, add a tablespoon (15 ml) of white vinegar to the dye bath prior to dyeing. It is not suitable for cellulose fibres.
  • For an interesting greens mix 5% Saxon Blue with up to 5% Fustic. 

Saxon Blue Liquid 50ml

SKU: D00140
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