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How to Use Aquarelle and other Liquid Dyes

Our liquid dye instructions will help explain how to use Aquarelle and other liquid dyes. These dyes are convenient, easy to use, and produce beautiful, harmonious colours. Each dye comes from a leaf, root, bark or other natural source and has been used for generations by cultures all over the world.

  • Cutch Liquid: A sweet-smelling brown.

  • Himalayan Rhubarb Liquid: a rich gold from the rhubarb roots. This plant is also used in traditional herbal medicine.

  • Liquid Logwood: a beautiful purple originally from Central America.

  • Madder Liquid: one of the most ancient dyes. This is the red of Persian rugs.

  • Myrobalan Liquid: A soft butter-yellow.

  • Pomegranate Liquid: a green-gold when used alone. This dye also makes beautiful aqua colours when combined with Saxon Blue

  • Saxon Blue liquid indigo: a striking blue derived from the indigo plant. This recipe dates to 1740.
    Note: Saxon Blue works best with wool, silk and animal fibers. It does not dye cotton, linen, Tencel, Modal or other plant fibers.

  • Tannin Liquid: A light buff shade.

These instructions are in the process of being edited for Australia and NZ, and the links will take you to the Botanical Colors website for the time being.

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