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Base unit 50ml


Each Aquarelle liquid natural dye is pre-extracted from a leaf, root, bark or other natural source. They combine easily and produce beautiful shades and may be thickened and used for printing, painting and other surface design applications.

This is an easy to use liquid natural dye that creates a rich clear red on natural fibres. Historically madder is one of the oldest natural dyes, and has been been grown since 1500 BC in Central Asia and the Middle East. The red colour comes from the root of the plant and the plants are usually harvested after 2 to 3 years growth. 50 grams of liquid dye will dye approximately 500 grams of fibre and 100 grams will dye approximately 1 kg of fibre a medium shade.


Colour Ideas to Try

Madder with a pinch of Cream of Tartar will make a Cherry Red

Madder with a pinch of Soda Ash will make a bright Purple

Saxon Blue and Madder will make a Yellow-Brown



Madder Liquid

SKU: D00125
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