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Aquarelle Liquid Dye Kit


This sampler kit gives a 'taste' of the most popular colours plus easy to use instructions. It includes an exciting new colour, Saxon Blue, a liquid indigo that does not need a vat. It produces striking shades of sky blue through to turquoise on protein fibres. Add a little of any yellow dye and create beautiful turquoises and greens.


The colours included are Madder, Saxon Blue, Himalayan Rhubarb, Pomegranate and Cutch. Packed in a sturdy reusable box with full instructions and suggested recipes.


Please note that the liquid indigo works best on protein (animal) fibres. On cellulose fibres it is a very pale blue. All the other colours work well on both kinds of fibre.


Aquarelle Liquid Dye Kit

SKU: D00405
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